Our Governing Principles

BRTC’s Governing Principles serve as a reference point for us and tell you what we are “for” as an organization. They are Bridgewater-specific and show how we are different from the “other guys”. If our principles are your principles, let us know. We’d like to hear from you.

We need to trust our elected officials to work on behalf of the entire town and without conflicts of interest.

Everyone in town should have the right to know the details of how decisions get made.

Our elected and appointed officials have an obligation to report, to explain and to be answerable for the results of their actions.

In order to develop a consensus on achieving the highest standards for our children’s education, Region 12 options must be well-researched and discussed in an open and productive manner.

Lowering our taxes will make Bridgewater more livable and more competitive among local towns.

Bridgewater must find a way for our seniors to age in place, to be a welcoming place for new young families and to allow those who grew up in Bridgewater to stay.

Bridgewater needs to encourage a broad range of economic activity to reflect the needs of all its citizens while staying true to its rural character.

We recognize the extraordinary natural gifts of this town and support farmland protection and open space preservation in Bridgewater.

We value the irreplaceable architectural and historic resources that give the Town of Bridgewater its unique sense of place.

The true spirit of our town is rooted in volunteerism. We encourage everyone to contribute their time, skills and resources to the organization of their choosing.

We will work toward an inclusive vision for Bridgewater, around which all residents can unite. We reject the politics of division because only together can we move forward.